The wine cellar

So that you can really enjoy your meal, we have a great range of wines, cavas, spirits and liqueurs.
Choose the one you find most appealing or let us suggest a selection from our wine, cava and champagne list, which currently features over 150 different items.
Good wines at affordable prices and outstanding wines at higher prices.

To begin

Beers, cocktails, appetizers, cava, sherry and more. Prime yourself for an enjoyable meal and a relaxing dining experience.


PDO certified wines from nearby regions, carefully selected to offer both variety and authenticity. We like selling wine.

Cavas and champagnes

In keeping with our preference for local products, we offer more cava than champagne. Our range is intended to encompass a variety of styles and aging times. Great cavas for great times.

To finish

Excellent liqueurs and spirits to round off a good evening, stimulate conversation and add some extra cheer to the occasion.